Youbble Burza

First Successfully funded Nepali Board Game on Kickstarter

A fun 3-in-1 strategic interactive board game for anyone looking to liven up get togethers & crank up parties or game nights!

What’s the game like?

If “Crown and Anchor” were to have a baby called “UNO”, that got married to “Exploding Kittens” in a battle of “Truth or Dare” – it would give birth to Youbble Burza! It’s fully loaded!


It's Time to Burza!

Welcome to Youbble Burza! Today, we are taking you and your Bubble Suited Monkeys on an excursion to the Mariana Trench. You are hopping on a boat ride to the deep waters. Beware! There are mischievous Bubble Mining Leopards that have already sneaked in a bubble mine on your boat, to drown one of your Bubble Suited Monkeys; they are still sneaking up behind you to drown all your Bubble Suited Monkeys, except for one. The last Monkey to survive claims the Burza Crown, and the survivor shouts “Burza!” The question is who will be the sole survivor, and will you be able to save your Bubble Suited Monkeys? Are you ready to Burza?!

how to play