Youbble Burza

The monk speaks

The mafias have slayed the monkey!!

Bubble Suited Monkeys?! Ancient Torture?! Mafias?! Toilet Paper Mummies?! What has the world come to?

Toilet Paper Mummy

Still in quarantine or not, the streets are getting rough! With a rising level of anxiety and depression, while isolating ourselves, a bootstrap company – Youbble took a ‘U turn’ from focusing on their tech project to come up with a much needed solution to boredom. Let’s just say there is one more fun way to keep family and friends sane while indoors or outdoors during these weird times we live in.

A kickstarter project has launched under the name – Youbble Burza! with a commitment to bringing life back to your circle of friends and family. Ever heard of the word “Double edged sword”? Well, worry not if you have not, because with this game you’ll probably learn it the hard way (wink wink). 


Honestly, I have not noticed a whole lot of entertaining products that have been introduced to the market due to the economy being in turmoil. And if you’re telling me I can move away from my useless time-killing binge watching duties, and rather can have more social time with family and friends, and that too with a game that can be played 3 different ways for the price of $29?! I’m sold!


In a nutshell, the game kit comes with a board, five dice, 30 power bubbles, 6 Player Chips, 34 Action Cards, and an instruction manual. There are six fun monkey characters on the board and the dice representing the crown, flag, diamond, spade, club, and heart, that makes the entire game look appealing and bright. The game can be played between 2-6 players and start at ages 7 years and up for their friends and family version. How does the game work? Good question! You just triggered your analytical brain cells. So, each Player in the game calls dibs on one of the symbols on the board with their Player chip, and a dice roll ceremony is performed. If you are lucky to get the highest number of symbols in your favor, you get to keep a power bubble to defend yourself later and need not draw an action card; the rest of the players battle for survival which means they must draw an action card each and perform the action to earn themselves a power bubble. Hidden in the deck of action cards is a Bubble Mine and your job is to make sure you do not run into one. If you do, you are out of the game and your Monkey drowns in the Mariana Trench 🙁

Bubble Suited Monkey

What sets it apart from the rest of the board games is that it is exceptionally strategic. You get a range of power bubbles to protect yourself, along with a Bubble Suit, and also get to make canny moves with planting bubble mines to knock others out of the game! Excellent value for the price you are paying that gets your party cranking hard and creating memories that last.

TLDR: YouBBle Burza is an exclusive fun strategic hodgepodge game for anyone looking to break the silence or crank up the party, and bring out the inner talents in you; whether be the next diva, dancing star, comedian, or a genius nerd. Get yours and get ready to Burza!

Blog Contributor: Priyanka Karki.