Youbble Burza

How It Works


Welcome to Youbble Burza! Today, we are taking you and your Bubble Suited Monkeys on an excursion to the Mariana Trench.

You are hopping on a boat ride to the deep waters. Beware! There are mischievous Bubble Mining Leopards that have already sneaked in a bubble mine on your boat, to drown one of your Bubble Suited Monkeys; they are still sneaking up behind you to drown all your Bubble Suited Monkeys, except for one. The last Monkey to survive claims the Burza Crown, and the survivor shouts “Burza!” The question is who will be the sole survivor, and will you be able to save your Bubble Suited Monkeys? Are you ready to Burza?! 

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Mind your deck!

It’s a double-edged sword that you’ve barely witnessed before!


For Traditional Langur Burja, the game is played between players and a host. Players and host divvy up the various Power Bubbles based on points printed on them. Youbble Burza Mat/ Board marked with the six symbols is used by players to call dibs on one or more symbols using their colored Power Bubbles in hand. Each unique color of power bubble represents set points that can be used for determination of total points accumulated by players when they win. 

Step 1

Players call dibs on any of the symbols on the board with the points they want to risk for the round

Step 2

The host then throws three dice.

Step 3

Host distributes the points gathered based on the occurrences of symbols in their favor.

If you have your dibs on any symbol which comes facing up on one or more of the dice, in addition to returning the stake, the host pays the player with additional power bubble points based on the dice. If the symbol doesn’t come up, the player loses their power bubble points. The strategy is to rely on probability and not lose, while collecting as many power bubbles as possible.